Egyptian Rug


1880 - 1920


Cairo, Egypt


144cm x 218cm


Very Good
Has some busted/re-tied warps + some of the knotted fringe is missing. Pile is even and good. Complete. All original.
Wool on cotton foundation.
Exceptional, glossy, fine wool. Sturdy depressed warp weave. One other known example; in Thompson's CARPET MAGIC. He gives the provenance as "North Africa". I have selected Egypt because I have never seen such a well built carpet from any other African production + the iconography seems to have been derived from the Coptic tradition. It certainly does not seem Islamic. I am guessing that the lone dye is henna. I'm not sure the wool is from sheep, may be camel, but one thing is certain, it is very soft, fine, and highly reflective. I shot the images with the pile up, or absorbing the light, from the other direction, with the light running across the pile the rug is ivory; almost white.

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