Shahsevan mafrash side and bottom panels

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Price €850 (EUR)

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  • Size

    110cm(W) x 179cm(L) / 3'7"(W) x 5'10"(L)

  • Item Type

    Mafrash panel

  • Region

    Shahsavan, Northwest Persia

  • Date

    19th century (1800 - 1899)

  • Condition

    small holes. One is quite noticeable but easily repaired. Also, a couple of easily cleaned stains (see images)

  • Structure

    slit tapestry, weft-faced plain weave, and 4 thin lines of supplementary weft float

  • Materials

    wool and 1 ply of camel in the 2 ply warps

  • Full Description

    may be used or seen as a small kelim. We do not presently know what the calligraphy or writing in the natural ivory bands is or says so we've elected to leave it there in case it proved interesting.